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The Klein Party

Klezmerish Music from All the Old Countries

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The Klein Party:

 plays klezmerish music from All the Old Countries

with a jazz sensibility and rock-and-roll exuberance. The core of the repertoire are original arrangements of Ashkenazi Jewish music from the Old World as shared by Moishe Beregovski, S.Ansky, the Bughici family, German Goldenshteyn, and Belf's Roumanian Orchestra, as well as New World compositions from masters such as Naftule Brandwein, Dave Tarras, Abe Schwartz, Harry Kandel, I.J. Hochman, Lieutenant Joseph Frankel, Abe Elenkrieg, Shloimke Beckerman, and the Epstein Brothers.


The Klein Party also explores other music that shares the ecstatic joy, emotional intensity, and unavoidable party music that we call "klezmer." This includes 19th and 20th century music from the Ladino tradition, Yiddish folk and theatre music, as well as Ellingtonia, jump jazz, Roma (gypsy) music, film scores, and songs from Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Moravia, Persia, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, Turkey, and Ukraine.


Over the past five years, the Klein Party has played to thousands of enthusiastic listeners and dancers at the Royal Room, the Pink Door, the Northwest Folklife Festival, the Washington Performance Center, Kirkland Performance Center, Vashon Center for the Arts, as well as at farmers' markets, holiday parties, picnics, and International Ice Cream Day.​

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